Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved with the Vidya Shorts community, whether it be streaming, creating fanart or banners, or donating to the website. Additionally, there are many opportunities to become more engaged with the community through activies such as online games.

Become a Streamer

How to Qualify:

  • If you are a Vidya Shorts regular, meaning you are recognized by the community and streamers, then you can apply to stream on ShortStop, a section of Vidya Shorts. ShortStop embeds several streams into one page, allowing viewers to view any stream of their selection, similar to how one would surf television channels. The philosophy of this section is to allow anyone from the community to stream on Vidya Shorts without any need for extensive review, as each channel is individually owned. This also means very few rules apply to ShortStop streamers, requiring that they only stream video games, and that those games not be explicitly pornographic. Streaming on ShortStop benefits new streamers by giving them easy access to a relatively large audience, as well as giving them the benefits that come with streaming on a website separate from streaming platform sites (aesthetics, chat customization, etc).

How to Apply:

  • ShortStop supports streaming on Hitbox, Twitch, and Livestream. If you wish to apply, send an e-mail to with the subject "ShortStop." Your e-mail must include:
    • Your Chatango user name
    • Your Hitbox/Twitch/Livestream channel URL
    • Your account name, if using Livestream
    • A brief description of yourself as a streamer and what games you think you would stream
    • An image to represent you (50x50px)
  • To speed up your channel's addition, spend some time hanging out and chatting with the community so that we can get to know you.

Recommended Broadcast Software:

Homepage vs. ShortStop:

  • Streamers that excel and win over the viewers will be considered for recruitment to stream on the hampage if they already display that they are willing to abide by the rules of Livestream, Twitch, and Hitbox. However, should you find these rules to be too restrictive and wish to stream videogames uninhibited (via emulation, with music playing, etc.), you can continue to stream on ShortStop. The ultimate difference between Vidya Shorts and ShortStop streamers will be their mindset toward streaming. VS streamers will take the role more seriously, scheduling regular streams and striving for the best setups while being mindful of streaming platform rule restrictions. SS streamers will either be new or developing streamers, or streamers that would like to stream more freely, often in the gray area of streaming platform rules. Either philosophy is welcome at Vidya Shorts - if you can stream video games, you can stream here.

Create a Banner

Banners are placed at the top of both Vidya Shorts and ShortStop and are rotated randomly. Anyone can submit a banner for either section of the website, and they will be accepted as long as they fulfill certain criteria. All banners:

  • MUST be 600x240 pixels
  • MUST display either "Vidya Shorts" or "ShortStop"
  • MUST be well-done and tactful
  • SHOULD reference Vidya Shorts/Shortstop as a whole or should reference memorable events of a stream or several streams
  • SHOULD use mostly or entirely custom art

You can submit your banner art to with "banner" in the subject line. Your submission, if accepted, will display your name as it is known by the community. Please note this name when you submit your banner.


If you are willing to give back to the community through donations, you can do so by either donating funds to keep the website running and expanding, or you can donate games for streamers to play. All donations are welcome and are greatly appreciated.

Donate funds

You can submit a money donation through Paypal with a credit or debit card, or by transferring funds through your Paypal account. All funds submitted will be used for the website itself in some way. If you submit a donation and do not note how you would wish the donation to be used (not all requests can be heeded), then your donation will be used for the direct costs of the website (webhost fees, web coding fees, etc.).

My personal goal for donations is to achieve a net cost of zero for myself and the web coder for running the website. We put a lot of our own time and money into keeping the website running and growing, and with your help it will be easier to keep the website running and growing for much longer.


Donate games

You can donate video games or video game consoles to a streamer if you would really like to see them stream a certain game they would not otherwise stream.

If you are interested in shipping a game or console to a streamer, e-mail with details of what you are sending, which streamer you want to send it to, and any other information that is required of your donation. For privacy concerns, no shipping details will be listed here. If your donation is accepted, shipping information will be provided to you via e-mail.

You may also wish to donate a game via Steam gifting, and this can be arranged again by e-mailing to receive the steam name or e-mail of the streamer you wish to give a game to.