Donation Milestones

Child's Play Charity, December 2011

The following values are based on the cumulative pool of donations. The challenges that do not specify a duration will last for the duration of the stream or until a similar code overrides it.

Cumulative Donation Pool Challenges:

Buy-ins: Donate a set amount, either individually or jointly with others, to 'purchase' one of the below items. Be sure to note what you wish to attain in the donation note section.

Tunic color options: $15 each (active between bossfights. If two colors are purchased by different people in rapid succession, the first color will be active through the duration of the current dungeon).


Soundtrack Additions: Add a song to the bossfight playlist (six minute limit). Include a youtube link to your song in your comment when you submit your donation

***Songs that do not get played can be revised and forwarded to the playlist of the next bossfight.



This list may be subject to additions throughout the stream.