Chat Rules:

  1. General Chat Rules:
    • Any links and images are acceptable as long as they are not pornographic.
    • Any text is acceptable as long as it is not excessive. Do not copy and paste large blocks of text.
    • No links to streams outside of Vidya Shorts are acceptable. If you wish to stream for viewers, apply to stream here.
    • Spoilers for recent games, including ones being streamed, aren't polite, and are grounds for deletion or ban.
  2. If a stream IS online:
    • Links, images and videos are acceptable as long as they are not posted in excess
    • Extensive discussion of other streams or of off-topic subjects should be kept to private messages.
    • It is encouraged of viewers to give constructive feedback to the streamer. For example, if a streamer’s microphone is too low, it is helpful to indicate this to the streamer so that they may verify and resolve the issue quickly.
    • Spamming or typing excessively is not acceptable.
  3. A viewer may be banned for breaking any of the chat rules, intentionally or otherwise. Ban list clearings happen often, but if you feel that you were banned for too long or unfairly, send a ban appeal to
  4. To make unbanning simpler and to allow for the streamer to better distinguish viewers from the rest of chat, it is advised that viewers create a Chatango account.